My guest this week is Mandy Roberson from Momma Society.

Mandy 2

Mandy is the founder and author of which is an online community for modern moms.  I first came across Momma Society when I became a mom in early 2015 and was looking for anything and everything on the internet to help me understand my new role as a mom, and find a community who understood what I was going through.  Mandy also became a mom in early 2015 (to the most beautiful blue-eyed babe!) so I’ve enjoyed following along on the MommaSociety instagram feed and on the blog because I feel like it’s my life in real time.

I invited Mandy to talk about some of the challenges she faced as a new mom and her struggle to regain her identity after the birth of her son, Brody.  I mentioned in the podcast about a specific post I read about Mandy’s struggle to find her identity in her first year of motherhood that really sparked my interest. Check it out here.

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P.S. Thanks to Brody for joining us on the podcast today!

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