Episode 4: Fitness Apps and more!

Hello hello!  We’re back for Episode 4!

This week, I talk a little bit more about my story, I share some cool fitness apps I’ve recently come across and one little trick that’s helped me increase my focus and self-confidence.

In this week’s episode, I mention my friend’s Sarah and Kim’s podcast 25% Friends, so check it out here and on their Facebook page!

And I want to hear your A to my Q!  Drop me a line with your answer!  Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See you in 2 weeks (every other Monday) for the next episode.  Have a great week 🙂



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Episode 3: My interview with Claire Carberry!

My guest this week is Claire Carberry!

Claire Carberry

Claire is no stranger to self-discovery. She’s spent a lifetime finding ways to explore the depths of the human condition and get to the WHY we do what we do.    Whether it was a year dedicated to eating raw food or leaving the comfort of the 9-5 to pursue a career following her passion or losing close to 100 lbs of post pregnancy weight…twice, this award winning actress has never shied away from emotion. In a pursuit of living an “authentic life of integrity” she is now dedicating her time to helping divorced people find their way to live their own “happily ever after. “

Claire is also my SISTER!  I love Claire’s stories of finding her own moxie and glow through losing pregnancy weight, striking out in a tough industry and finding purpose by helping others after divorce.  Join us!

And, as promised on the podcast, check out http://www.LegalLogs.com and the Legal Logs Blog

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Episode 2: Where this all came from!


This week on Moxie & Glow, I’m talking about where my passion for feeling amazing in your own skin came from.  I’ve been in the “fitness game” for a long time, but only recently have come to understand it much more broadly and holistically.

Then, I get into talking about the plan that has helped me break my sugar cravings and give me a whole diet reset (which was much needed after the recent holiday season!)

And finally, one simple tip to reduce your email stress.  If you’re like me, email gets out of hand FAST and this has helped me feel more in control of my inbox.

Plus, I want to hear from you! I would love to hear your stories and struggles.  I’m currently looking for listeners to be interviewed, or stories to be shared on the podcast. Please feel free to email me, reach out on Facebook or call and leave us a voicemail at (202) 759-4012 with your input.



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Episode 1 : HI!

I’m so glad you’re here!  You found Moxie & Glow!

New Podcast Cover

Moxie & Glow is a podcast devoted to finding answers to the question, “What does it take for someone to feel amazing in their own skin?”  We’ll cover all things fitness, wellness, and self-confidence, and trust me, there’s a lot to talk about!

This week, we talk about New Years Resolutions, why you should find a workout that WORKS for you, and a few tips to save money that you may not have thought about.

Moxie & Glow is looking for GUESTS!  If you have something you would like to talk about, email us, leave a comment on our Facebook page, or leave a comment below.

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